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the new model compact 360/2 or 180/4
Anti-vise-Laser speed control.

  • The new 360 Anti-Radar who're going to make your vehicle like a ghost in the face of all radar Laser fixed and mobile in Europe... without being detectable by its function receiver and no not detector radar or radar jammer.
  • We would like to introduce you to a real technological jewel LEGAL that will allow you to not be control by all European Laser radars.
  • Yes, you now have a reliable solution against the scourge of the Laser Gun from police and gendarmerie with Anti-radar-Laser.
  • Designed to be triggered instantly as soon as a laser radar is directed at you in order to send a selective set of 8 error codes the operator to the Laser Gun of gendarmerie or police suite to a mishandling of the material and Anti-Radar 360 starts to ring if a radar of police or gendarmerie Laser Gun (laser gun, laser euro...) is pointed at your vehicle. It reacts with the Laser Gun from the police, to validate an error code of manipulation of the Laser Gun from the police, who as a result of not being able to analyze your speed without being spotted equipment in your vehicle.
  • Our equipment is legal in Europe, US, due to its multi-function, related to Anti-Radar 360 option.
  • Anti radar Laser 360 is usable only in addition to Coyote, Waze type driving AIDS... Anti-Radar-360 protects you 100% speed controls that use Laser bands. This type of control is essentially mobile type, day or night in all weathers.

The new model Compact 360
Anti-vise-Laser speed control.

Used by the gendarmerie or the police Laser guns intended for the controls of speed, are countered by the new glasses 360, the new sensors are very compact and work with laser diodes extremely efficient. They can be installed in the most cramped spaces and allow very simple mounting and integration in the front part of the vehicle. The new sensors, much more powerful than their predecessors, have both LED high power diodes laser Photonics 360 °.

Anti-Radar 360 Laser
The ultimate weapon against Laser speed control arms

  • Anti radar Laser 360 is usable only in addition to Coyote, Waze type driving AIDS... Anti-Radar-360 protects you 100% speed controls that use Laser bands. This type of control is essentially mobile type, day or night in all weathers.

The new glasses 360 is equipped with a volume of warning control

Anti-Radar 360 identifies the type of gun or laser camera aimed at your vehicle. Alarm sounds are now easier to identify, especially in noisy interiors. The Anti-Radar 360 compact can be used in 2 automatic modes:

Remote control mode of opening and closing of garage door, gate, lighting network lighting of underground parking .... Just place on your gate, garage door ... a receiving module (Option).
Anti-Laser Receiver Mode (Laser Police Radar Gun Simple Detection, Anti-Radar 360 Receive Mode) and Defense Mode (Active Send in Response to Laser Signals from a Received Speed Control to Enable an operator error code). Switching from one mode to another is done automatically. The Anti-Radar 360 software activates an automatic update against a speed control laser gun speed control. Thus, you will be well protected in case of introduction of new values of radar-Laser speed control. The standard configuration uses a system with 2 spherical sensors in 360 °.


un Phantom avec 
Anti-Radar 360

L'Anti-Radar 360 The 360 Anti-Radar makes it impossible to measure the speed of your vehicle against a laser speed control. As a result, it is impossible to measure the speed of a vehicle equipped with anti-Radar 360 with a gun or a fixed or mobile laser camera; the models that are currently used. To measure speed, the police laser gun or gendarmerie sends an infrared ray at intervals (904nm), which is reflected by the vehicle; the exact speed of the vehicle is calculated by identifying the reflection of the different rays thus emitted instantly; the calculation is therefore based on the exact assignment of the reflection of the different rays; if the target emits a light pulse on the same frequency band, it is not possible to achieve the precise assignment of the different radii and therefore it is impossible to calculate the speed of a vehicle equipped with the Anti-Radar 360 which validates an alternative range of 8 operator manipulation error codes making it undetectable and undetectable by the operator of the forces of the orders.
The two Anti-Radar 360 ° sensors are installed on the front of the vehicle in a discreet place. The device consists of two sensors that operates in WiFi connection, so that the entire vehicle is protected. Logically, the Anti-Radar 360 is in standby during all the use of the vehicle because it activates in reaction to the reception of a signal Laser Gun speed control.


Anti-Radar 360 Laser 360/2 Ou 180/4 
the ultimate weapon against the orders forces laser weapons!

Anti-Radar 360 the ultimate weapon against laser guns the Anti-Radar 360 is an innovative multi-function transponder combined with the most advanced laser speed trap protection technology, which offers you, as a user, many advantages. The Anti-Radar 360 is allowed to be used anywhere in the world, while in countries where protection against laser speed sensors is not allowed.

The all-in-one unique Anti-Radar 360 system has been extensively tested in numerous road tests. Obviously, the product complies with the highest European directives and legal requirements for safety, durability and quality.
Virtually invisible mounting of transponders before 360 °.
The exceptionally compact front transponders are mounted almost invisibly in the grille of your vehicle, the Anti-Radar 360 module once again the smallest of its kind, provides audible and visual alerts in your car and is designed in a neutral way, but elegant.

Easy to install:
Anti-Radar 360 transponders use a network protocol and are interconnected in WiFi. As such, they are really easy to install by a neophite. This saves a lot of time and costs.
The smallest transponders in this category, the fastest and most robust in the world. Each transponder has its own 32-bit 180 MHz processor for unparalleled performance.
Highly sophisticated lens systems with high-pass filters, developed in collaboration with optical specialists. In combination with special internal reflectors, these lens systems guarantee maximum light amplification and optimal aperture angle for the transponder receiver.
The transponder envelopes have been manufactured using a thermal molding process which, for example, provides complete impermeability and vibration resistance in the most extreme circumstances.

Based on infrared laser technology:
904 nanometer wavelength (frequency) infrared laser systems, reused worldwide for measuring distance and velocity, due to their exceptionally narrow beam and high insensitivity to atmospheric conditions. The advantage of an exceptionally narrow beam, the laser beam, is that an object, for example a car, can be "pointed" with great precision at a distance of several hundred meters. In this way, in a fraction of a second, distance and speed can be measured. All this is done in an invisible way since the infrared beam can not be identified by the human eye. The best-known laser systems are laser guns used by the police to perform speed checks.

Seamless distinction between different laser systems:
The highly sophisticated and ultra-compact Anti-Radar 360 is, for reasons of integrity, equipped with the same technology that is applied in the laser guns of police and gendarme police, offering you user, a great advantage. The system makes an unmistakable distinction between the signals of its own remote-transponders, the numerous laser safety devices such as Alarm and Gate Opening and alternatively police laser guns.

On the way the Anti-Radar 360 recognizes other road users using laser safety devices without giving notification. Anti-Radar 360 does not interfere with these safety devices.

All gendarmerie and police radars

Glasses 360/2

CAUTION: Installation of this unit by a neophyte is possible. Just follow the assembly diagrams.
The two sensors on the front of the vehicle are powered by 12v after contact and are connected in Wi-Fi to the central unit, while the module in your cabin is connected to the cigarette lighter.

Anti-Radar 360/2 Kit

Anti-Radar 360 ultimate against Anti-Radar 360 laser guns weapon is a transponder innovative multifunction associated with the technique of protection against the pitfalls of speed control Laser, the most advanced, that offers you, as a user of many benefits. The Anti-Radar 360 is allowed to be used anywhere in the world, while in countries where protection against laser speed detectors is not allowed.



Operation of a speed control with a device of police or gendarmerie.

Aérosol Spray

Reflective bomb for vehicle number plates:
The system to make your vehicle pass like a mirage in front of automatic speed control cameras has arrived!

Or buy an aerosol spray-anti-flash-radar?
The anti-radar flash bomb is an application that makes it impossible to read license plates. This totally revolutionary product is available on our online sales platform. The price of such a product is 79 € each. There may be less expensive but the efficiency is not at the rendezvous!
The content of the anti-radar flash bomb is a solution designed to make it impossible to read license plates by automatic speed cameras. It is sufficient to apply a layer three times on the plate so that the shots taken by these automatic devices flash are unusable. The presence of this product is invisible to the naked eye, which makes the use of this solution interesting. You can test the reliability of the solvent by taking a photo of your license plate which has been applied with spray-anti-flash-radar. With this test, you will be able to judge without risk of the effectiveness of the application.

Aerosol anti-flash-radar mode of application:
The anti-flash radar product comes in a spray bomb format. Thoroughly spray your entire license plate and you will be safe from the flash of speed control radars. The effectiveness of the product is immediate. Thanks to this application you can ride with confidence, without fearing the flashes of speed cameras that crisscross the roads. (Be careful, you are not protected from other systems). Another advantage of this spray is that the solution contained in the bomb is resistant to rain for up to 4 months.

Although the overexposure of the photo taken by an automatic radar is already effective and despite pro software, spray-anti-flash-radar makes unusable snapshots of these devices "automatic radar", as the pictures blurry or noncompliant are all of removed from the circuit, you are not likely to pay a ticket.
The benefits of reflective spray for speed lovers allows to reflect the light emitted by the flashes of speed cameras. The spray-anti-radar-flash method has a permanent resistance to rain and washing roller or high pressure. The content of our product spray-flash-radar has been treated anti-UV, its rapid installation and its simplified application by the use of a spray bomb makes this article very accessible.

Some tips for using the spray-anti-flash-radar bomb:
The spray can is used in the same way as an aerosol paint. Just place the bomb head about 40 cm from your plate and spray a thin layer from the right to the left of your identification device (plate removed or stuck), wait 5 to 10 minutes before applying a second layer from top to bottom of your plate. After a few minutes of waiting (5 to 10 minutes), finish the treatment with a third layer from right to left of your license plate. (raising the number plate on the vehicle after drying).

By choosing to use spray-anti-flash-radar bombs, you have in your possession an invisible first-class product.
 In addition, there are other alternatives to identify a vehicle in excess of speed. Some radar models are able to take two pictures of the car, one at the front and the other at the rear of the vehicle. It is possible to recognize the identity of the vehicle owner by zooming on items such as the insurance sticker, the criterion sticker! This is why you should also apply spray-anti-flash-radar on it. Good road! More...

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