Anti-Radar 360/2 Laser
The Ultimate Weapon Against Laser Weapons

Anti-Radar 360 the ultimate weapon against Anti-Radar 360 laser guns is a transponder innovative multifunction technology with the most advanced technology for protection against laser speed traps, which offers you, as a user of many benefits. The Anti-Radar 360 is allowed to be used anywhere in the world, while protection against laser speed detectors is not allowed.


Instructions for installation and steps:

  • 1. mount both sensors on both sides of the license plate.. The distance between the two jammers should be 60 cm ~ 80cm. (See Pic1)
  • 2. with the level. Keep the bubble in the Middle, not upside down or down. (See Pic2). There should be no objection in front of the sensor. The two carpteurs must be horizontal, not unbalanced, otherwise the effectiveness would be affected. (See Pic3)
  • 3. connect the cables of the carpteur to the embedded control computer, with the cable running along the engine compartment.
  • Each sensor works 360 ° on model 360/2

The best protection in 360 °

The 360/2 anti-radar laser kit offers the best protection with a simpler mounting on the front of the vehicle with only two sensors; reception LEDs are new technologies to capture 904nm in 360 °.

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