Aérosol Anti Flash Radar

Reflective bomb for vehicle number plates:
The system to make your vehicle pass like a mirage in front of the speed cameras controlling the speed of vehicles has arrived!

Or buy an aerosol anti-flash radar spray?
The anti-radar flash bomb is an application that makes it impossible to read license plates. This totally revolutionary product is available on our online sales platform. The price of such a product is 79 € each. There may be less expensive but the efficiency is not at the rendezvous!
The contents of the anti-flash-radar bomb is a solution designed to make it impossible to read license plates by automatic radar. It is sufficient to apply a layer three times on the plate so that the shots taken by these automatic devices which flash are unusable. The presence of this product is invisible to the naked eye, which makes the use of this solution interesting. You can test the reliability of the solvent by taking a photo of your license plate which has been applied with spray-anti-flash-radar. With this test, you will be able to judge without risk of the effectiveness of the application.

Aerosol Spray anti-flash-radar, mode of application: The anti-flash-radar product is in a format of a spray bomb. Thoroughly spray your entire license plate and you will be safe from the flash of speed control radars. The effectiveness of the product is immediate. You will be able thanks to this application to drive in all serenity, without fearing the flashes of the speed radars which plow the roads. (Be careful, you are not protected from other systems). Another advantage of this spray is that the solution contained in the bomb is resistant to rain for up to 4 months.

Although the overexposure of the photo taken by an automatic radar is already effective and despite pro software, spray-anti-flash-radar renders unusable snapshots of these devices "automatic radar", as the blurry or nonconforming photos are all of After being withdrawn from the circuit, you are not likely to pay a ticket.
The benefits of the reflective spray for speed lovers allows to reflect the light emitted by the flashes of speed cameras. The flash-anti-radar-flash method has a permanent resistance to rain and washing roller or high pressure. The content of our product spray-flash-radar has been treated anti-UV, its rapid installation and its simplified application by the use of a spray bomb makes this article very accessible.

Some tips for using the spray-anti-flash-radar bomb:
The spray can is used in the same way as an aerosol paint. Just place the bomb head about 40 cm from your plate and spray a thin layer from right to left of your identification device (plate removed or stuck), wait 5 to 10 minutes before applying a second layer from top to bottom of your plate. After a few minutes of waiting (5 to 10 minutes), finish the treatment with a third layer from right to left of your license plate. (raising the number plate on the vehicle after drying).

By choosing to use aerosol anti-flash-radar bombs, you have in your possession an invisible first-class product.
In addition, there are other alternatives for identifying a vehicle in excess of speed. Some radar models are able to take two pictures of the car, one at the front and the other at the rear of the vehicle. It is possible to recognize the identity of the owner of the vehicle by zooming on items such as the insurance sticker, the criterion sticker! This is why it is also necessary to apply aerosol anti-flash-radar on it. Good road!


Vidéo Anti-Flash Radar

The Aerosol Anti-Flash Radar is a spray that allows the license plate to be more reflective. The radar flash is sent back to the lens of the camera. The result is an over-exposure of the photo with an invisible plate number. The photos of an automatic radar with flash (fixed or mobile) are processed autonomously and automatically. Invisible or 'non-compliant' photos are turned off immediately.

► Reflection of the light emitted by the radar flashes
► Invisible to the eye
► Permanent clothing (4 months)
► Keeping in the rain and washing the vehicle
► Anti-UV treatment (the product does not yellow)
► Easy and quick to install
► Simplified application thanks to the spray
► Mandatory tape if the plate remains on the vehicle


Against Flash Camera Radar

When driving in overspeed, you risk being photographed by a mobile or stationary car radar camera. This device will protect you from all speed camera checks. This device can be installed in your vehicle discreetly. This device supports all types of camera radars, blocks all kinds of digital cameras.  More...

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